I am excited to announced the launch of a book discovery and discussion community called: 25IQ BOOKS. This 25IQBOOKS image on the right side bar is clickable. Or try:

I have compiled a list of about 260 books on business, investing, economics, finance, technology and science as well as some biographies that I believe every serious investor should read.  This list of books will grow over time and new book categories will be added.

People can join the community on 25iqbooks by requesting an invitation on the site.

Even if you do not join this community officially you can browse the site to discover books. If you ever wanted to know what my personal bookshelves have on them, this site gives you an opportunity to find out. People ask me from time to time how they can learn more about the topics on the categories covered by 25iqbooks. My answer is: start reading these books one-by-one.

Some very smart and well-read friends of mine have already joined the community have already “up voted” and added books.

If you do join this community, please “up vote” your favorite books by clicking the arrow next to that book and feel free to add comments about books to the site. You can easily add books to 25IQ books by looking up the ten digit ISDN number on the book’s page on and inserting it in a specified box. The one thing you must do is  identify the right categories for the book. Everything else about adding the book is automated. Right now only one book can be added at a time. Future improvements like adding more tan one book at a time and endless scrolling will be implemented depending on the site’s popularity. The site runs on only a few servers in the cloud right now, but I doubt they will be overwhelmed today.  But anything is possible.

No trolling or personal attacks of any kind are allowed n this community. Does this mean that abusers of this policy will be banished? Yes.

My plan is to write posts about many of these books. I will not write book reviews but instead will discuss how ideas in the book can be applied in the real world.

I love books and the creation of this community represents my small attempt to give back to something that has given so much to me.

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” Charlie Munger

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