A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About Negotiation

Once upon a time I wrote a book on negotiation with my friend Russell Daggatt. The book is mostly a collection of real stories about our experiences working and living abroad. I lived in Seoul for four years and for a year in Sydney. Russell lived in Tokyo.  The book was published by Harper Collins, but few years after the paperback was on the market we bought back the copyright. It is available to read for free on my web site https://25iq.com/ If you want a paper copy of The Global Negotiator, try Amazon.

1. Establish Trust

2. Do Research about the other Negotiator

3. Be Creative:

4. Be Humble About Your Skill Level

5. Some Days are better Than Others

6. Get the Other side to Make the First Offer

7. Build relationships. Don’t do Deals.

8. Keep the Relationship Mutually Beneficial by Sharing value

9. Counter Gamesmanship

10. Focus on Interests, Not Positions

11. Create and Claim value

12. Know Yourself and the Other Negotiator