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A Dozen Things I’ve Learned about Great CEOs from “The Outsiders” (Written by William Thorndike)



A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About Marketing, Distribution and Sales

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About Business


Business Models

“Wholesale Transfer Pricing”

The “Free Parking” Business Model


Charlie Munger

How thinking like Charlie Munger may have saved my life

Charlie Munger on The Psychology of Human Misjudgment

Why does Charlie Munger not invest in high-technology businesses?

What are Charlie Munger’s views on giving back to society?

What does Charlie Munger mean when he says that something is a lollapalooza?

Will there ever be another Charlie Munger?

Charlie Munger AMA: How does Charlie Munger recommend dealing with adversity?

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger about Ethics

A Dozen Ways Charlie Munger Thinks like Philip Tetlock Suggests in his New Book Superforecasting

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger (Distilled to less than 500 Words)

Charlie Munger on the Importance of Worldly Wisdom and Consistently not being Stupid

Charlie Munger on Investment Concentration versus Diversification

Charlie Munger on Margin of Safety

Charlie Munger on Management with Talent and Integrity

Charlie Munger on “Circle of Competence”

Charlie Munger on Moats

Charlie Munger on Mistakes 

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger about Risk

A Dozen Things Charlie Munger has said about Reading

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger about Capital Allocation

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger About Benjamin Graham’s Value Investing System

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Charlie Munger about Mental Models and Worldly Wisdom


A Dozen Things I’ve learned about Investing

A Dozen Things I‘ve Learned About Technology Investing

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from South Park About Investing

Asset Allocation for Muppets with a 401(k)

Muppets Ask Questions and Experts Answer

More than A Dozen Reasons Why Investing in Airlines Belongs in the Too Hard Pile

Investment vs. Speculation

Mauboussin and Investing

Why and how do Munger and Buffett “discount the future cash flows” at the 30-year U.S. Treasury Rate?


Psychology of Investing

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About the Psychology of Investing





Value Investing

A Dozen Reasons why Berkshire’s Moat will Survive the Departure of Warren Buffett/Charlie Munger

“If you take away the skill that Buffett has Buffett has no skill” is a bullshit thesis.


Ben Graham’s Value Investing ≠ Fama/French’s Factor Investing

The Folly of Macroeconomic Forecasting and the Importance on Focusing on Valuation/Margin of Safety 


Venture Capital and Technology

A Dozen Things I’ve learned about Venture Capital 

The Best Venture Capitalists Harvest Optionality (Dealing with Risk, Uncertainty and Ignorance)

Two Powerful Mental Models: Network Effects and Critical Mass

The Fundamental Difference between Venture Capital and Value Investing

Angel Investing and Power Laws

The Matthew Effect and VC Performance

VC Devils Dictionary

5 thoughts on “Index By Topic

  1. In your personal story re thinking like Charlie Munger you describe their downside system and say …. the probabilty of loss and later the probibility of gain… You cite a Motely Fool site that no longer works. I woud like to know more about this concept and how they calculate the probability ratio as I feel that such knowledge would be most useful.
    Thanks for a top site/blog which has provided me with much new knowledge.

  2. I must congratulate you for putting up this site.wonderful and intensely insightful postings .it reminds me of OID-outstanding investor digest.

    I am a Buffet buff and his one liners.

    I was wondering somehow GROWTH is not discussed as much as other aspects of intrinsic value.
    Pl put out your insights on this.

  3. The site is like discovering gems, precious nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for mining them and letting us enjoy them.
    I just started “Charlie Munger” and wonder if in your BRK explorations you have come across an examination of the change in economics that businesses go through after being acquired by BRK. I read snippets such as eliminating dividends and stock options, using focused cash incentives, eliminating various typical bureaucratic functions, perhaps self-insuring, enjoying an entire new cost of borrowed capital, and providing access and the natural cross fertilization available to the myriad other “family member” entities. Plus of course access to WB’s giant brain. But what I would love to read is a detailed look behind WB’s eyes in terms of how differently he views a business’ economics, knowing how they will change under his mantle.
    I am in retail real estate and know that when I run my numbers on a property I may use $1.00 a foot as my likely insurance cost per annum. But a buyer like a Benderson may have an insurance cost of .35 a foot. My landscaping estimate might be .30 a foot, whereas theirs .12. My cost of capital maybe 5%, someone elses under 2%. When a possible acquirer views a target company making $200 million a year, what does Warren Buffett see?

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