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Ackman, Bill – Pershing Square Capital Management

Altman, Sam – Y Combinator

Anderson, Steven – Baseline Ventures

Andreessen, Marc   –   Andreessen Horowitz

Ariely, Dan – Predictably Irrational

AT&T Breakup

Augustine Norman- Lockheed et. al.   

Barton, Rich – Expedia, Zillow, GlassDoor

Baruch, Bernard – Banker

Bass-o-Matic-  churn

Berkowitz, Bruce   –   Fairholme Funds

Bezos, Jeff   –   Amazon

Barksdale, Jim   –   Federal Express, McCaw Cellular, Netscape 

Bierce, Ambrose- Devil’s Dictionary 

Blank, SteveCustomer Development methodology’

Bloomberg, MichaelBloomberg

Bogle, John   –   Vanguard

Botha, Roelof – Sequoia Capital

Bourdain, Anthony – Kitchen Confidential etc. 

Breyer, Jim – Breyer Capital, Accel Partners

Brown, Alton – Good Eats

Brown, Josh – Ritholtz Wealth Management, The Reformed Broker

Buffett, Warren   –   Berkshire Hathaway     {Additional Buffett Quotations}

Burn Rate- 

Burry, Michael – Scion Capital

Business Models- 

Campbell, Bill – Intuit, Apple

Calacanis, Jason- Angel Investing

Carlson, BenA Wealth of Common Sense

Chanos, Jim – Kynikos Associates

Cialdini, Robert – Influence

Cooperman, Leon – Omega Advisors

Core Product Value-  

Crist, Steven – Daily Racing Form (Horseracing)

Cuban, Mark – Mavericks, Shark Tank

Customer Development-  

Dalio, Ray   –   Bridgewater Associates

Diggs, Robert Fitzgerald (RZA) – Wu Tang Clan

Dixon, Chris – Andreessen Horowitz

Dell, Michael- Dell 

Doerr, John – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Doriot, George- ARD

Draper, Bill– Draper Richards

Druckenmiller, Stanley – Duquesne Capital

Dude, The

Einhorn, David – Greenlight Capital

Ellison, Larry – Oracle

Eveillard, Jean Marie – First Eagle Funds

Fenton, Peter – Benchmark Capital

Feynman, Richard – Physicist

Fisher, Phil   –   Fisher & Co.

Franklin, Benjamin – The First American

Gabelli, Mario – GAMCO Investors

Gates, Bill   –   Microsoft    {Additional Gates Quotations}

Gates, Bill, Sr.- Gates Foundation 

Gell-Mann, Murray – Physics, etc.

Goetz, Jim – Sequoia Capital

Graham, Benjamin   –   The Intelligent Investor, Security Analysis

Graham, Paul – Y Combinator

Grantham, Jeremy   –   GMO

Greenblatt, Joel – Gotham Capital, The Little Book That Still Beats The Market

Gross, Bill – PIMCO

Grove, Andy – Intel

Gundlach, Jeffrey – Doubleline Capital

Gurley, Bill   –   Benchmark Capital

Guy, Buddy- Legends Blues Club 

Hagar, Sammy- Rock Star

Hawkins, Mason   –   Southeastern Asset Management 

Hoffman, Reid   –   LinkedIn, Greylock Partners 

Horowitz, Ben – Andreessen Horowitz

Housel, Morgan – The Motley Fool

Icahn, Carl – Icahn Enterprises

Internet Bubble-  

Iovine, Jimmy- Beats


Jobs, Steve – Apple

Johnson, Pitch- Asset Management

Jones, Paul Tudor – Tudor Investment Corporation

Lake, Katrina- Stitch Fix

Lee, Jenny- GGV Capital

Keynes, John Maynard   –   The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

Kahneman, Daniel   –   2002 Nobel Prize in Economics

Khan, Irving – Kahn Brothers Group

Khosla, Vinod   –   Khosla Ventures, KPCB

Klarman, Seth   –   Baupost Group  and this one

Kleiner, Eugene – Kleiner Perkins

Knight, Phil – Nike

Ko, Ann Miura – Floodgate

Kopelman, Josh – First Round Capital

Lake, Katrina- StitchFix

Lamar, Kendrick- K-Dot

Lee, Jenny – GGV

Leone, Doug – Sequoia Capital

Levitan, Dan – Maveron

Livermore, Jesse   –   “Great Bear of Wall Street”

Livingston, Jessica – Y Combinator

Louis, CK- Comedy

Lynch, Peter   –   Fidelity Investments

Madoff, Bernard – Fraudster

Malone, John – Tele-Communications Inc., Liberty Media

Mandelbrot, Benoit 

Maples, Mike – Microsoft

Maples, Mike Jr.- Floodgate 

Marks, Howard   –   Oaktree Capital Management and this one too.

Marx, Groucho – Comedian

Mauboussin, Michael   –   Credit Suisse and this one

Mayer, Marissa – Yahoo

McCaw, Craig   –   McCaw Cellular, Eagle River

Meeker, Mary – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Milken, Michael – Milken Family Foundation

Miller, Bill   –   Legg Mason Capital Management 

Milner, Yuri – DST Global, Mail.ru Group

Minimum Viable Product- 


Montier, James   –   GMO

Moritz, Michael   –   Sequoia Capital

MoviePass-  Premature Scaling

Munger, Charlie   –   Wesco, Berkshire    {Additional Munger Quotations}

Murphy, Tom – Cap Cities/ABC

Murray, Bill – Comedian

Musk, Elon- Tesla; SpaceX

Pabrai, Monish   –   Pabrai Investment Funds

Palihapitiya, Chamath – Social Capital


Porter, Michael   –   Harvard Business School

Product/Market Fit- 

Price, Michael   –   MFP Investing

Pricing Products and Services: 

Princess Bride- 

Quinn, Megan – Spark Capital 

Rabois, Keith – Khosla Ventures

Rachleff, Andy   –   Benchmark Capital, Stanford GSB, Wealthfront

Ravikant, Naval – AngelList

Ries, EricThe Lean Startup 

Ritholtz, Barry   –   Ritholtz Wealth Management

Robertson, Julian – Tiger Management

Rock, Arthur – Davis & Rock

Roizen, Heidi – Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Ruane, Bill   –   Sequoia Fund

Rza – Wu-Tang Clan

Sacca, Chris – Lowercase Capital

Sandberg, Sheryl – Facebook, Lean In


Schultz, Howard   –   Starbucks

Schloss, Walter   –   Graham-Newman Partnership

Seneca, Lucius Annaeus – “Seneca the Younger”

Simons, Jim   –   Renaissance Technologies

Simpson, Homer – The Simpsons

Simpson, Lou – SQ Advisors, Geico

Sinegal, James   –   Costco

Singleton, Henry – Teledyne

Smalls, Biggie – Notorious BIG

Soros, George   –   Soros Fund Management

Spier, Guy – Aquamarine Capital

Spotify – 

Startup L. Jackson – Twitter

Subscriptions (valuation)-   

Suster, Mark – Upfront Ventures

Taleb, Nassim   –   Flaneur, Black Swan, Fooled By Randomness, Antifragile

Tavel, Sara – Benchmark

Telecom Bubble: 

Tepper, David – Appaloosa Capital

Thaler, Richard – Economist

Thiel, Peter   –   PayPal, Founders Fund

Thompson, Ben – Stratechery 

Thorp, Ed – Beat the Dealer

Templeton, John   –   Templeton Growth Fund

Twain, Mark – American Icon

Valentine, Don – Sequoia Capital


Waffle House-  

Walk, Hunter- Homebrew

Wayne, Lil’ – Weezy

Whitman, Marty   –   Third Avenue Value Fund

West, Kanye – 

Wilson, Fred   –   Union Square Ventures

Winblad, Ann – Hummer Winbad Venture Partners

Writing a Book- 

Zell, Sam – Equity Group Investments

Zweig, Jason   –   WSJ

Featured Topics


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Value Investing

A Dozen Reasons why Berkshire’s Moat will Survive the Departure of Warren Buffett/Charlie Munger

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Ben Graham’s Value Investing ≠ Fama/French’s Factor Investing

The Folly of Macroeconomic Forecasting and the Importance on Focusing on Valuation/Margin of Safety 

Venture Capital and Technology

A Dozen Things I’ve learned about Venture Capital 

The Best Venture Capitalists Harvest Optionality (Dealing with Risk, Uncertainty and Ignorance)

Two Powerful Mental Models: Network Effects and Critical Mass

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Angel Investing and Power Laws

The Matthew Effect and VC Performance

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